ProCall – an intelligent telephony system that provides excellent management of Call Center and Contact Center departments

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ProCALL, a reliable and efficient software created for the call center, provides incoming calls - information, appeals, complaints, etc. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the purpose. - allows processing without interruption and with minimal waiting time. As long as the customer feels in safe hands, the company providing the service is considered reliable and trustworthy. By adjusting the operating mode of operators and answering machines, it is possible to manage the sending of messages, incoming and outgoing calls.

Caller ID

The call center system discloses information about the caller with the identification function. This is one of the most important tools for a call center to help build customer loyalty. Caller ID displays information about the customer calling you by phone number (when you always call the number you use) in the work panel. As a result, the conversation begins by addressing the customer by name. In addition, directing the caller to a specific specialist immediately creates a positive impression of the customer about the company.

Auto forward

Before opening a call center, it is important to have a system that allows all callers, without exception, to be referred to a specific operator or call center specialist without waiting too long. This function is implemented through the Auto Forward module of the ProCALL solution. This module provides automatic addressing after several incoming calls. Thus, no impatient customer will lose the call, and it is possible to receive a call even during non-business hours.

Multi level security

ProCALL provides complete security of the call center database: The program can be launched by the operator, administrator or administrator only after entering the login and password (name and password). Opportunities have been created to restrict the user rights of each employee, or to provide them with access to this or that information. With the help of ProCALL solution (Multi Level Security) multi-level security module, every administrator can be sure that the operational data of his enterprise is 100% protected!

IVR system

The call center's IVR system is a smart helper to turn ordinary telephone service into a "friendly" and effective service. Within the interactive voice menu module you can greet the caller, share calls, connect subscribers who are not satisfied with the information provided to the live operator, choose the language of communication, etc. You can work on better call center customer service by adjusting processes, setting up feedback on the menu, accepting subscribers' opinions, complaints and suggestions.

Voice messages

ProCall is a program for the call center that allows you to save voice messages. With the help of this program, you can record and listen to the information voiced by the subscriber to the answering machine. All details of voice messages will be stored in the voice message memory, and if necessary, you can enter the date and duration of the message, the phone number of the subscriber who sent the message, etc. you can review the information.

Call waiting

The call queue management function is extremely important for the organization of the call center. Every company that has a Call Center should minimize the customer's waiting time for a response. With the CALL Waiting module of the ProCall system, you can sort the calls of customers according to the importance of their calls, sound useful information for customers waiting on the line, provide information on how to wait for a response, thus mitigating the negative reaction of customers waiting for connection to the operator.

Load balance & acd

Thanks to this module of the ProCALL solution, the call load to the Call Center is distributed equally among employees according to the level of employment. The administrator / supervisor / manager decides who to call first. During the call, this module of the solution allows you to choose between the operator with the least number of calls on the account, the least time for receiving and consulting calls, and the last operator in terms of both the number and duration of telephone calls. Other arrangements are also available.


The ProCALL administrator module allows you to control telephony and fully control the work of operators. ProCALL Administrator module within the attachments categories to add, change and cancel operators status and obligations define scripts, sound archive, listening to the non-working days and hours by appointing schedule to adjust the unwanted calls to get rid of the black list, creating it, the phone It is possible to enter numbers.


ProCALL provides for the organization of the Call Center within the framework of the management module, primarily to monitor the work of operators online. When working with this module of the solution, conduct online trainings, adjust the operation of the operator's service using flash-panel capabilities, monitor the loading of telephone channels, determine the loading level of each operator calling and receiving incoming calls, provide online support, It is possible to help the call center staff.


Designed for call center operators, this module allows you to efficiently organize incoming and outgoing calls. This module answers calls and records them using a soft phone, manages personal employee status (offline, online, busy, etc.), as well as processes several calls, When the call is received, it is possible to receive call information on the monitor and use the internal chat.

Objectives of operators

This module of the ProCALL call center's intellectual management program includes sex, place of residence (city, province, region), type of activity (occupation and field of activity), salary, amount and number of loans, maximum credit line, etc. It is possible to search on the basis of and then distribute subscribers among operators. For example, a woman living in Binagadi with a loan debt of 1 manat, a man living in Sumgayit and receiving a salary of about 500-600 manat, etc.


Designed for call center operators, this module allows you to effectively organize the work of incoming and outgoing calls. This module answers calls and records them using a soft phone, manages personal employee status (offline, online, busy, etc.), as well as processes several calls, When the call is received, it is possible to receive call information on the monitor and use the internal chat.

Information (mass / individual sending and receiving SMS information)

Through the ProCALL system, it is possible to create a call center with a unique set of tools to provide effective service to subscribers. Thanks to this module, it is possible to inform customers, partners and employees about current and future events through the function of sending SMS directly from the operator's panel. This module can be integrated with the CRM and ERP systems. It is possible to configure the sending of personalized SMS information on the basis of information obtained from the database of the enterprise.


Call center of any enterprise with ProCALL solution modules Full or partial integration into the equipment, database (compatibility with MYSQL, MS SQL, XML and other formats) is possible. Information about the calling customer is taken from the database and displayed in the automatic operator panel. Standard information (name, surname, sex, location) provides information on whether additional loans, deposits, active and passive loans, as well as debts and loans are overdue.


ProCALL module reports the total number of incoming calls, the number of answered and unanswered calls, the number of calls to the length of mumkundurOperatorların see them come to go to work, lunch and other breaks in the set after calling for a re-sealing and restoration information can be obtained from the adoption of calls . With this solution, the number of calls, the number of customer calls, the time spent on data processing after the call, etc. reports are compiled.

Marketing (automatic notification (inquiry, advertising, announcement, warning))

Thanks to the marketing module, customers will receive automatic calls and will be informed about the monthly loan payment, the amount of the loan and the time of the loan repayment, and will be notified about the delay in the payment of the existing debt. Customers can find new campaigns, services, change the phone number or address of the company, open new branches, etc. will receive information about. Automatic calls can be used to query services, promotions, campaigns and determine the level of customer awareness.