A unique software for automating management processes in secondary and higher educational institutions.

PDF presentation

PDF presentation


Class Schedule

Module that automatically forms the schedule of daily subjects taught in educational institutions. With the help of this module and a preset algorithm, it is possible to ensure a consistent coordination of such factors as: shifts (I, II), sectors (az, rus, eng), classes (groups), subjects taught (lectures), study time (hours), classrooms (lecture halls), and a teacher (lecturer).


Software module used by teachers in the classroom (group) to assess students' knowledge. With this module, students' knowledge levels, attendance, and homework in classes (groups) are determined by teachers applying to the database following a given algorithm.

Assignment book

Program module that forms students’ homework, individual assessment, as well as teacher’s appeals to parents about students. Through this module, students and their parents have access to information about the daily schedule, homework assignments and assessing the level of knowledge by accessing the educational institution’s web site with their name and password.

School bell rings and mass notifications

Made automatically through customizable IP speakers in accordance with the lesson hours specified in a single database. At the same time, this system allows the public to hear public announcements (announcements, music, appeals, etc.) in an educational institution.

Control and registration

Identification (fingerprint or identity card) of teachers, technicians and students who are registered in a single database is performed through the control and registration tools installed at the entrance and exit from an educational institution.

CCTV and security

Each CCTV camera is connected to one classroom in a single database. This, in turn, allows viewers (parents) to access the classes of their children at any time at a distance (via the Internet). It is also possible to provide reliable protection by installing high-quality HD video surveillance cameras in other parts of the school.

Central Сlock System

IP-clocks are connected to the integrated database with a local computer network and are configured in accordance with the schedule of lessons and the schedule of calls. This, in turn, ensures accurate time and synchronized operation of the clock and school bell ring system.


An IP telephony system installed in classrooms and administrative rooms, provides high quality sound and creates a single telephone connection between the rooms by connecting to an integrated database via a local computer network. At the same time, a centralized telephony system organizes an intellectual hotline for an educational institution and ensures that all incoming calls are recorded.

SMS Mailing

The installed SMS equipment is connecting to the Unified database via the local computer network and by using the information received from the registration and control equipment installed at the entrance and the exit of the educational institution, informs the parents of students entering the educational institution and leaving It In high accuracy. The attendance and progress of students in an educational institution are sent to their parents via SMS in the same way.